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Dr. Sandra Michaels

Medical Therapist in Biodecoding

Bogotá, Colombia

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Since I graduated from university, I have been on a path in search of answers to all the questions about my purpose related to my work, medicine, family, relationships and mainly the relationship with myself and my patients. Through the journey of ups and downs, successes and failures, as well as the challenges of different moments of life, I studied Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture, Neural Therapy and then I found Biodecodining, which has allowed me to self-discover, heal and understand that each experience,  brings a response which expreses through our body or our life, which in turn brings a message and an opportunity to learn and heal.

Sol Porcile

Healing Therapist 




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I am a woman who share my path by providing tools to go through a healing process linked to empowerment from the knowledge and connection of our body and our most powerful energy center: the uterus, and thus live a life in good physical, emotional and spiritual health . I am a facilitator of Circles of Women's Knowledge, Madretierra Menstrual Therapist, Integral Cyclicity practice, and creator of integral therapeutic workshops, I also do A.C.E., Emotional Body Accompaniment. I am internationally certified as Doula by the network of Doulas del Caribe and Ecuador. I am a Reiki practitioner and a professor of Integral Yoga. Among other things I dedicate myself to the Body Expression, the Therapeutic Theater and the Performing Arts and I am an actress.

Patricia Ruiz Tatis
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Consultant in healthy lifestyle projects, I believe that our main focus in life is to know ourselves, and as we assume responsibility for what we have come to do on this planet, we are getting more in tune with our physical, emotional, and mental health.
Health is the result of harmonizing myself with a satisfactory profession that gives meaning to our existence. Alternative medicines offers us a way to discover our life purpose, and at the same time discover our talents and put them at the service of others. My purpose is to help my patients to understand the solutions to conflicting relationships, focusing their learning to be able to flow with existence. My focus is to teach how to develop criteria to detoxify your body and nourish it properly. Every step we take in our wellbeing is returned in a quantum of consciousness and quality of life.
I believe that the development of consciousness is fundamental to understand the other and the processes we live, for this reason I invite you to visit me, so I can guide you on how to improve your life through therapies where you will learn to let go, to breathe, to understand, to meditate, move better, feed your body and your mind.

 Doctor specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Therapist.
Expert in healthy vegetarian nutrition
Sarah Suyong Kane

Yoga Instructor 



Seattle, WA

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Namaste! I'm Sarah, a yoga instructor based in Seattle, a yoga student and writer. Yoga entered my life eight years ago, but it was not until early 2014, during a backpacking trip to South America, that the eight-fold journey of yoga began to become a constant part of my life. What began as a way to move my body became a healing practice, a catalyst to get rid of the outer layers of my ego and take advantage of my authentic self. I realized that my purpose was to share this practice with anyone and everyone I could. In 2017 I found myself back in a yoga studio in Seattle, participating in my first 200-hour yoga teacher training. I currently teach in several studios around the South Puget Sound region. My study sessions focus on the asanas and vary from dynamic vinyasa, hatha rebalancing and restorative yin flows: pranayama (breath control), mindfulness, meditation and other aspects of the 8 limbs of yoga in the whole class. I strive to make my classes accessible to all and for all, and I maintain the space for people to create that mind-body connection and live to their highest and most authentic potential.


Viviana Reinoso

Weaver, Facilitator,




Healing Artist

Armenia, Colombia


Studied Interior Design at LaSalle College Bogotá and took courses in Art Direction for Film and Television in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her taste for photography led her to study Theater Photography in Buenos Aires in the studio of Michel Marcú. She returned to Colombia in 2014 and began to investigate the possibility of living and working as a photographer doing photography of events and weddings. Her work as a photographer led her to theater in plays such as "Evaristo a Christmas story" where she developed her first documentary work of the creative process of montage and with this documentary she gave life to "La Comuna Visual" a platform for creation, photography, audiovisual, design and artistic education.
Since 2015 she decided to move from the city to the countryside, now she lives in the mountains of Quindío, where she works mainly in giving life and form to the project "Casa Dos - Escuela taller", a space where the arts converge with nature. A place that brings together cultural events, concerts, workshops, theater, music and develops artistic and cultural projects with vulnerable communities in the region.
In her free time, she weaves, and weaving she has found her own knots, which while binding, she unties them. And in the middle of the thought that inhabits the fabric, she breathes often. Inspire followed, exhale often. And so "Ata, hand knitted" was born. A proposal of designs for home decor and feminine accessories.


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