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The Benefits of Coffee: The Magical Beans That We Take for Granted...

Happy thanksgiving banner

We wish you and your family a very enjoyable and delicious day together!

Moments like these, when we can bask in the presence of our loved ones, is what life is all about, right?! It is very important to count our blessings, because it gives us perspective.

Basically, Gratitude arises within us as we become more aware of the countless people and circumstances in our lives. In other words, Life is a team effort and it pays to thank the other players.

One star player that get’s taken for granted on a daily basis by the Billions that consume it is… You guessed it, COFFEE!!

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As we get started on this week’s celebration, let us remind you (you’re welcome) of some reasons why you should be extremely grateful for this Nectar of the Gods (A.K.A. Coffee):

#1- It’s the perfect holiday beverage.

Seems an appropriate place to start given our current countdown, but can you say PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE?! Not a pumpkin lover or a hipster?? Well do you want something chocolate flavored? How about cinnamon? Or peppermint? The list of holiday inspired coffee drinks is endless, trust me!

#2- Coffee is in fact a Super Drink due to its proven long-term health benefits.

WHAT!?? You mean it’s actually a good thing to drink our daily cup?! YESS! It could even help extend your life! According to the research, coffee reduces the likelihood of type 2 diabetes as well as Alzheimer’s and cancer and it has a positive effect on liver function. It is worth noting that in order to unlock its healing properties, one must consume it without milk and with little to no sugar, and it also helps if it is organic and glyphosate-free.

#3- Science has shown that coffee makes us Happier!

That’s right, apparently this amazing beverage is brimming with essential antioxidants that raise our spirits. According to a recent study, habitual coffee drinkers are 10% less likely to be depressed than their java-less counterparts. Harvard found that drinking 2-4 cups per day lowered suicide risk by roughly half.

Starbloom Coffee and pumpkin pie fall banner

#4- It is the most trusted Energizer!

It is obvious to anyone who’s ever tried this delightful substance that it comes packed with revitalizing energy, but do you know why? I’m glad you asked. Turns out that caffeine is a compound made up of some interesting metabolites. For instance, Theobromine increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain by opening up blood vessels. Theophylline is another one and it helps with concentration. These and others create inherent qualities in coffee that lead to better focus and wakefulness. This boost of energy will leave drinkers with a more positive outlook on life.

#5- Oh, that wonderful warm feeling…

These cold fall days starting to get to you? Don’t let that get you down! Grab a hot cup of your favorite coffee and let it warm your hands, and soul. And if that’s not enough, In 2008, researchers at the National Institute of Health studied the psychological effects of holding a warm cup of coffee in one’s hand. Participants, it transpired, tended to attribute warm feelings to strangers and even found them more trustworthy. So it helps with trust issues… Thanks again coffee!

#6- The easiest way to get that crush to say yes.

Even if you are not a coffee drinker, you have to admit that “grabbing a coffee” makes for a perfect excuse for a date. And it doesn’t even need to include alcohol. Cheers to that!

Pumpkins and coffee and pies

All jokes aside, we are most grateful for the friends and family that have in one way or another impacted our lives, from the most profound to the most insignificant of ways.

That means you!! yes, you who read all the way down here. We wouldn't have made it this far without your love and support.

As a small token of our appreciation, we'd like to give you a coupon for any purchase in our store.

Just type in THANKGODFORCOFFEE at checkout and you will get a 35% discount! We will leave this coupon valid until Monday, December 2nd, 2019.

You can find our Organic Colombian Coffee here in our website:

With love,

Gustavo & Yemaya

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