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Biodecoding: The Art of Healing in Mindfulness

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Biodescodificación es Tomar Consciencia para Sanar

At every moment, life presents us with every experience, every conflict, a challenge, a call for attention to realize what affects us, what generates resistance in us or what we cannot accept and what our need and our feelings are. All this in order to discover what the real motive is, the associated memories and beliefs. Everything we can see or identify we can heal.

The art of accessing the emotional memories that generate each symptom, each problem or result in our life, the self-discovery and this self-knowledge in this inward research into our subconscious mind, based on our life history and our ancestors is called Biodecoding.

Each symptom is an adaptive response to what is happening in our lives. Each organ fulfills a function, to respond at every moment to our needs to maintain, generate or defend life and to respond to changes, to adapt to the challenges that life constantly throws at us.

Depending on how we experience each thing that happens to us, the meaning or interpretation we give to an event, what bypasses us that we cannot resolve externally, the body generates a biological response that can generate a symptom or disease, proportional to the intensity in which it affects us and that is somatized in a specific organ.

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Why is it useful for our body to “create”, for example, a flu, an infection, fluid retention, an allergy or cancer?

According to the memories, beliefs and values of how we have lived, what affects us, each of us has a biological way of receiving stimuli, or the impressions of what we experienced. For example, if for someone the value of contact with others is important, the ailment can manifest on the skin. Similarly, if for someone everything they receive or expect in life is experienced by ingestion, whether or not they can digest, assimilate or accept what happens to them will determine the ailment and it can be somatized at the digestive level. Gastritis, for example, can correspond to the inability to digest or accept something that is imposed on us.

We can heal by becoming aware of the origin of each symptom, of why we generate each response in our body or our life.

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The therapy is done through conscious relaxation. It is from body awareness, the physical sensations associated with emotion and not from memory or intellectual understanding, that we can access unconscious memories.

And when the person can become aware of why their body generates each response or each symptom and can put at ease the conflicts that triggered it and the memories of their life history, they can heal more easily. This is because the alarm system of the affected organ turns off and the body regains balance and harmony.

We can take advantage of every opportunity in life to learn from every experience of illness or problem and make every difficulty an opportunity to become aware and learn to know ourselves and grow as human beings on our path of evolution, which is the purpose of our life.

Written by: Dr. Sandra Michaels


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