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The Fear-ending decision

Actualizado: 28 nov 2019

By the time you find yourself reading this, you may be wondering who we are and what do we stand for in all this madness. The simple answer is to say a group of people who got tired of the way they were being told how to live their lives and decided to do something about it.

Let go of the doubt and embark on a life of passion, and fulfillment in order to accomplish your highest calling. That was the mantra that got us to confront and overcome our fears and insecurities to find a path to the best version of ourselves. We’re still on that path now and there is so much road ahead of us, it’s dizzying. But that’s the exciting part, that we have so far to go, and we want to take you all along for the ride.

Goose & Yemi
Gustavo & Yemaya from Starbloom Co.

Now for the long answer, meet Yemaya and Gustavo, a young couple who met in Seattle soon after they graduated from the University of Washington. Life in the city proved to be too stressful on these two which led them to take the trip that would change their lives forever.

Going back to their roots, they traveled to Colombia in order to see more of her beauty and flare, leading them from the capital, to the Caribbean coast and eventually to the central Andean mountain range. It was there, near a town called Salento (Quindio) where they got a glimpse of a more natural and healthy lifestyle that stole their hearts almost immediately.

At that point they had to make a decision, one which would have to be made with their guts and their hearts. Because they both had felt and knew deep down that what they had experienced in that little farm was more real and satisfying to their essence than the rat race waiting for them back home.

They had always wanted to retire young, but this was a whole lot sooner than either one of them could have anticipated. But this window of opportunity had presented itself and they decided to go for it. After all, it was their dream to create a wellness community where people could find healing and repose in a wonderful natural setting.

Their friends questioned their motives, their families freaked out as well! But they faced all their worries and fears with a silent determination that helped them overcome even the biggest of doubts. It was not easy turning down a huge job offer that would have paid over six figures. Nor was it easy to dissolve a company which had absolved copious amounts of energy and time. And it most certainly was not easy leaving behind countless friends that had become their families away from bloodlines. Not to mention all the sweet comforts and advents that a thriving metropolis like Seattle has to offer.

All the adversity couldn’t get to them however, for they were soaring above it all riding the nimbus of purpose. They had heard their calling and they weren’t about to let their insecurities ruin the journey before they had juiced it for all it’s worth.

The mission has become more important than everything else for this power couple, and that is to spread the message of love and inclusion from mother nature to a developing and hungry race of incredibly frustrating and incomprehensibly creative beings.

The problem is not that we are developing too much or too quickly, but that we are doing it without taking into consideration the countless other species of flora and fauna in our planet, and that we are doing it inequitably and oftentimes at the expense of even our fellow human beings.

Because no grain is too small, they are putting in the effort to reduce their print on nature thereby reducing pollution and garbage generation by way of a new lifestyle. And rather than abuse it, they are working hard to find new ways of interacting with the surrounding plant and animal life. A new symbiosis has been established in which beneficial, beautiful and benign wildlife is protected and enhanced in exchange for their sweet fruits and useful applications.

The list of reasons why we need to take action now and forget all about our fears of the unknown and of public ridicule is far too long for this place and time. But we are looking for those other warriors of light to empower, those who also envision a better planet for the present and future generations of sentient beings here.

If you also feel a need to rise up and do something about the direction this world is headed because of our fearful and immature behavior, then don’t hesitate to schedule a time now to meet Gustavo and Yemaya.

With a judgement-free lens, they will help guide you as strip after strip of unnecessary destructive fear energy is ripped from your being. No more letting the false sense of security you may feel from a money-centered mentality, keep you from doing what you love and aspire to.

They can also help inspire you as the path towards a more passion-based existence becomes clearer to you; a life in which you find a way to balance both responsibility and creativity, work and play. All this while doing your share in redirecting the negative trends of global contamination and irresponsible overconsumption towards a more hopeful future of a race practicing more clever recycling and biomimicry based smart-tech efficiency.

That’s their true purpose according to them; helping themselves be the best they can be based on their experiences and research, so they may become a light to those who need it in their path towards higher consciousness.

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