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Holistic Nutrition: Criteria for Conscious Nutrition

Updated: Feb 27

Older gentleman eating healthy breakfast

Nowadays there are many theories about what we should eat or not, supported by valid scientific research, but the invitation I make to you is to develop Criteria on what we human beings need to maintain our healthy structure, and achieve a vital flow that allows us to have quality of life in our adulthood.

From the perspective of alternative medicines, eating is not necessarily the same as nourishment; We must nourish our different bodies to develop harmony between them. Health is the result of this internal balance, each body is nourished by different energies in a sort of Holistic Nutrition. That is, from the most subtle and energetic, to the densest physical form.

Three women doing yoga and mindfulness practice

Our Emotional body is colored by the information that our ancestors bring, coming from our family tree; That is why we feel fear or any other emotion in the face of unforeseen events. The result of this ancestral information, of their experiences, is transferred through the mother's mitochondria at the moment of conception, and this can be varied by epigenetics. Likewise, our Causal body stores memories from other lives that, in many cases, determine aspects or illnesses of our current life.

Energetic Silhouette of a person in meditation with 7 chakras

The mind is fed by new knowledge, but it does not go beyond the level of beliefs, the ideas that arise through identification with the monological sciences. On the other hand, the spiritual sciences open a broader field, which involves the mind, emotion, the body, the energetic, the epigenetic and the level of Consciousness.

Today I want to land on the level of the highest function of human beings: CONSCIOUSNESS. In order to highlight, precisely, an aspect of our subhuman nature, because currently, through social networks, we are bombarded with information about of what is the best diet, without taking into account the aspect of human consciousness that is built with an elementary golden principle: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

So, where is respect for all forms of life when you decide to eat a small mammal that has the same elements as you? All mammals are made up of five elements (earth, air, fire, water and ether), which are present in all bodies on this plane of existence, in different proportions. For animals that suffer from fear of death, do you think it doesn't hurt them to lose their lives? However, the human being, in his ignorance, is arrogant; He does not take into account the suffering and pain of that being because he considers it inferior to him. Some do, most don't.

A black cow kissing a small piglet through a fence

Furthermore, taking into account the law of cosmic Inclusivity, you must feed on beings that are furthest from your evolutionary chain, that have one or two elements, such as plants, sea vegetables or seeds. Therefore, it is not advisable to consume those that have the five elements, such as a pig (pork) or a cow (beef); Birds have two elements and fish have three. The general reason given for including animals in our diet is because they have protein in abundance. Don't we find proteins in seeds, in ferments, in cheeses, in legumes and in the fusion of sprouted cereals with legumes?

Yes, our body needs minerals, trace elements, proteins, fats compatible with our cells, polysaccharides (compound sugars). But those are present all throughout nature, in many sources other than those from animals, and that do not cause suffering when consumed.

For this reason, I do not share the current trend of strictly vegetarian people transferring to meat consumption, just because a carbohydrate-free diet is fashionable; This decision is made without differentiating simple carbohydrates or compound carbohydrates, ignoring that the proteins necessary to maintain muscles and the nervous system are also achieved through synergies of grains, seeds, polysaturated fats, fresh vegetables rich in essential trace elements, and minerals from of the sea, among others.


"Where is the exercise of conscience to not impose more violence than what we have traditionally brought?"


We nourish our consciousness when we are inclusive, that is, when we respect the life and suffering of another being and take this law into account so that, correspondingly, we do not have to respond for those deaths or simply do not increase the levels of violence.

However, even if we eat according to the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization), whether we are vegetarians or omnivores, we are not exempt from getting sick. This is due to our lack of harmony, since the origin of illness in many cases is found in the tension that lack of balance generates. Our contradictions in our behaviors, in our thoughts and feelings, produce a charge that destabilizes the hormones and the different substances that nourish our cells. This happens, for example, when we are under the influence of very strong anger or deep sadness that affects not just our moods, but our entire immune system.

Woman performing reiki or energetic healing practice on a man laying down

Due to those things I'm writing about above, I consider the topic of holistic eating as something broader and I always propose it as an exercise in consciousness. In order to detect how you feel less tired, how you can be more alert, how to achieve less heavy digestion, as well as how and what you harmonize with, you have to know your constitution, and that requires observation. Not only of the physical but also the mental and energetic characteristics. Being able to choose foods that are more compatible with you, and also nourish yourself in a more holistic way, will allow you to feel in harmony, with a lot of energy and a clear mind. Those are the traits of a conscious person, full of vitality, peace and joy.

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